Pierre Bouillon

Software developer

About me

My name is Pierre Bouillon, I'm a french developer.
I am a technology enthusiast who loves team work. Hardworking, self-taught and voluntary, I like to see my projects come to life.

Since I was a child I've been fascinated by the world. Curious about everything, passionate about creating and developing my skills. Exploring new languages, meeting new people, conceiving new apps, achieving new projects, etc.
That's what motivates me in my work.


I've learnt different languages through my school carrer and my researches.
Here are some of them:

Python 3.X and 2.X

Python is one of my favorite language.
I find Python very helpful and flexible: from automation to administration; it is really helpful to develop a fast and efficient solution.
You can find some my Python's projects here .


Java is one of the languages that I have the most practiced.
For three years, I worked with it at the University, buidling many apps or algorithm.
Its portability and its professional efficiency are making it an important development tool for me.


C is as complex as powerful.
It allows a complete control on the machine, making it perfect for embedded development or efficient software.
I did a three months internship at Numerica, using C to create a smart home in order to prevent the autonomy loss.


JavaScript is one of the most popular language (according to GitHub).
Its capacities, dynamism that it brings to websites and the fantastic tools coming with it are making it a must for me.

Experiences (some of them)


I worked with Python3.X and Flask to build a blockchain from the conception to the development process at c-o-e. I had to build a PoC to confront their standard audit to the performance of a blockchain to manage important resources among several actors.
I also introduced the blockchain technology to employees and wrote an article to explain its functionnment. I also did a lot of searches about GDPR. I mostly worked with Python3.6 and used Docker and Hyperledger to build this solutions.


I did a three months internship at Numerica. I was in a team of five developers, building a smart home to prevent autonomy loss.
I was in charge of the IoT part, using a box to gather informations and handle sensors. Developped and tested in C, we built an IoT language named Donut.


With the help of another developer, I built Novigrad, an automatic dependency checker for github dependencies.
Combined with a Raspberry, I developed small scripts to automate repetitive tasks in daily life.
Python is also a very powerful scripting language, and that's why I use this in many of my personnal projects to discover new programmation practicises such a crawling or to rapidly develop effective algorithms in contests.


2017 - Now

University of Lorraine

2015 - 2017

IUT of Belfort-Montbéliard - University of Franche-Comté


Coding battle

The Coding Battle was a two hours contest with six algorithmic problems with a gradual difficulty.
315 / 3090 (made in Python3)

Student Battle Dev

I joined the Student Battle Dev contest on november 2017. It was also a two hours contest with six algorithmic problems with a gradual difficulty.
1238 / 2780 (made in Python3)

Java Challenge - BNP / EditX

The Java Challenge contest was an MCQ about Java, concerning the language and its syntax and mechanisms.
Top 10 on 300+ students (about Java)

ul.codein24 - Hackaton

The ul.codein24 Hackaton was a huge challenge.
I was in a team of five other students, building a AI with Watson (by IBM) and a Google Home Mini.
The goal was to build in 24 hours straight a personnal assistant to manage our school planning.
Techs: Watson Assistant / Python / Google Action / NodeJS

Volunteer experiences

University of Lorraine

Science and Tech popularization through workshops for a public from 5 years old children to their grand-parents.

Ubuntu France

I have volunteered for Ubuntu France during their event, the Ubuntu Party.
My role is to explain to people what a Freeware is, how it affects them and to destroy stereotypes about technology.

Worldwide Open Source Meetings

In 2014, I was helping the speakers install their equipment; and preparing the amphitheaters.
I also met Richard Stallman and Mitch Altman.

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